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RESCD0801 - (CD)
avantgarde contemporary experimental improvisational

Questo CD documenta la world premiere della composizione per ensemble e voci Em/Pyre eseguita il 28/09/2006 al Teatro Fondamenta Nuove di Venezia allanteprima della BIennale Musica con lo stesso Elliott Sharp (direzione e chitarra elettroacustica), la cantante dello storico gruppo progressive Opus Avantra Donella Del Monaco (soprano) e lex Lounge Lizard Steve Piccolo (voce). In appendice Sharp parla della composizione e della propria concezione musicale. In co-produzione con letichetta Opus Avantra Studium. [ --> ]

RESCD0504 - (CD)
jazz ethnic
La Via Lattea - dal contrabbasso al cielo

A record for double-bass (adding here and there a cello and some recorded voices). Felice Del Gaudio ( mixes multiple tracks with his instrument and creates atmospheres keeping alwais a convinced attachment to his land (Basilicata, his native soil) and the popular roots, even if he uses a very free and creative language, peculiar to jazz, and also, as a learned composer, doesn't disdain atmospheres typical for chamber music. In short, a record following the path traced by artists like Renaud Gacia-Fons, Dave Holland, Eberhard Weber... Some tracks are also the soundtrack for "Anfitrione" (Molire) and "Basso Napoletano" with Marco Sgrosso (a "Le Belle Bandiere" production). [ --> ]


RESCD0602 - (CD-R)
ambient soundtrack
Di acqua e di respiro

Musica per lomonima istallazione artistica di Elisa Nogarin presso lo Studio Menguante, Filanda Motta di Campocroce Mogliano Veneto (TV), 21 ottobre 2006. Edizione limitata e numerata con copertina dipinta e confezionata a mano [ --> ]

RESCD0601 - (CD)
ambient ethnic electronic
The first lake

A keyboard/percussions duo from Ivrea (Italy) featuring flowing sounds gliding from ambient to tribal rhythms. Three long tracks with sound masses moving in layers with a wise care of the instrumental dynamics. A strange mix in which can be found echoes from Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel, minimalism and refined post-rock. [ --> ]

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RESCD0402 - (2 CD + Multimedia)
improvisational experimental ethnic electronic
comme au temps du chaos

In this double live album, the CHAOS project appears as a trio (the original elements), floating through noise and electronica, ethnics and ambient, showing off ethnic instruments, manipulated trumpets, real time sequencering, visionary guitars, creating a continuum rich in tensions and relaxations, and all rigorously as improvisation! The CD contains also a multimedia track featuring a couple of video extracts from the live. [ --> ] | random audio clip

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RESCD0505 - (CD-R)
electronic chamber
Primo Tempo

Composition is a manual act. Notes written by pen on the staff. The game (or challenge) is write music for musicians in the flesh - playing, toiling and becoming excited - and then feeding it to a computer. In this record we attend to man-machine and digital-analogic relations in a continuous chasing - and nearly seeking - each other. Opposites unable (maybe) to deprive themself from the other. A continuous process starting from the composition act up to the final mastering. In spite the usage of a machine this is a crafty work. No factory stamp. NO.TURNO uses burin and sandpaper and at every action on matter, stops, checks it and asks advice to it. Starting to polish again. It's the game (or joke) we can liste to in this record: man playing with the machine. Temptation to be part of it. And to play, too. [ --> ]

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RESCD0503 - (CD digipack)
art rock progressive ambient

Astonishing discographic debut for the italian keyboard player Stefano Panunzi. Recorded between Italy , Germany, United Kingdom and Japan, "Timelines" features international guest musicians like Mick Karn (Japan, Rain Tree Crow), Gavin Harrison (Dizrhytmia, Porcupine Tree, Mick Karn), Haco (Happines Proof, Hoahio, Kam-pas-nel-la, Mescaline Go-Go, After Dinner, Guigou Chenevier), Peter Chilvers (No Man, A Marble Calm, Bowness/Chilvers, Henry Fool, Darkroom, Alias Grace), Mike Applebaum (Randy Brecker, Stan Getz, Gil Evans, Leonard Bernstein, Ennio Morricone, Ivano Fossati), Sandra O'Neill (Alias Grace, A Marble Calm, Bernard Hoskin), Markus Reuter (Centrozoon, Europa String Choir, Pat Mastellotto) and the italians Nicola Alesini (Glen Velez, Hans Joachim Roedelius, David Sylvian, Roger Eno, David Torn, Harold Budd, Steve Jansen, Richard Barbieri), Daniele Iacono (Jovanotti, Tiromancino, Ron, Paola Turci, Niccol Fabi, Aladnah, Daniele Groff) and Giacomo Anselmi (Antonello Salis, Dario Deidda, Nuova Trib Zul). 11 tracks featuring polished sounds and arrangments including songs, ambient, jazz and rock with many guest free to express their own styles. Some hints? David Sylvian, Mark Isham, Porcupine Tree and No Man... [ --> ]

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RESSP0501 - (CD-R)
various genres
LAB@RES - resampler volumedue

a Workshop-compilation from varous RES artists

[halo XVI] - black santos [jupiter high prophet low mix]
[limbroglio] - nerocielo
[mu] - les miroirs ternis
[sticking drops] - acier
[max waves] - neu-neutral
[book of qi] - hemophant
[joachim thomas] - abused violin #2: chapter 2
[michele palmieri] - post meridiem
[gabriele bruzzolo] - quello che strano, via
[from outer space] - f..rr..e
[ --> ] | random audio clip

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RESCD0502 - (CD)
jazz experimental

L'imbroglio new arrival in RES is a dense CD featuring vibes, brass, stick and much more, exploding in Cool experimental sounds like Soft Machine or Miles Davis' and Co. NY school. Lots of guest performers alternating along 13 tracks in a metaphorical ride, rich of shivering emotions, a succeeded concentration of seductions. [ --> ] | random audio clip

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RESCD0405 - (CD-R)
jazz improvisational
time, milk and magic

MU is a quartet (sax/piano/guitar/drums) born from the musician's own interplay. MU's approach is jazz-like, since their music arises always and only from collective improvisations, but in its flow echoes and grooves appear, spreading from funky to ambient, from psychedelic rock to blues, from jazz to minimalism. This CD documents a live performance hold at the "PAUSA", a small club in Treviso (Italy), played literaly among the public. [ --> ] | random audio clip

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RESCD0404 - (CD)
Wolfango Dalla Vecchia suona Wolfango Dalla Vecchia

Ten years after his death, some first live perfomances by the italian (born in Padua) composer and organist Wolfango Dalla Vecchia, pupil of Goffredo Petrassi and for a long time collaborator at the Padua University Sonology Center (Centro di Sonologia dell'Universit di Padova). This compact disc presents the major organ works (Gaudeamuscorale, Adagiosissimo, Seven corali in honour of J.S.Bach) and, in its absolute first execution, Media Vita for organ and magnetic tape, all performed in the eighties by the composer itself. [ --> ]

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RESCD0403 - (CD-R)
electronic ambient
The Lost Music of Bacchanales de Fanfreluche

Like short soundtracks, the ten tracks on this CD carry the listener, among ambient atmospheres, tributes to Simple Minds, trip-hop obsessions, into a visionary and evocative trip. Halo XVI plays Champan stick, basses and keyboards, he programs and samples, and, here and there, his sound paintings feature brushstrokes by some of his friens. [ --> ] | random audio clip

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RESCD0401 - (CD)
electronic ambient
airland - studie I

"[...] Throwing pieces of paper from a tower is a fantastic way to visualize the air. [...]" And more: "[...] In this very same moment, nose up, from a white cloud, from a large gesture, a rain made of many small cards, showing helicoidal attitudes, and the air sent forth in a dance all his existence showing its own patterns in the wind... ". Airland is an electronic music suite freely inspired by, and dedicated to, the studies on the graphical representation of air by Bruno Munari. A skilled ambient and a maniacal care of the sound. [ --> ] | random audio clip

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RESSP0401 - (CD-R)
various genres
resampler volumeuno

"quattordicidodicizerodue" (CHAOS):
Ignition (all'improvviso... azione), Jungle Storm
"Airland - Studie I" (MAX WAVES):
Airland [estratto]
"Comme au temps du chaos" (CHAOS):
Black moquette, Ana(r)chromismi [estratto]
"The lost music of Bacchanales de Fanfreluche" (HALO XVI):
Moonlit night, Mentzelius
"Time, milk and magic" (MU):
Frammento, Dylan Thomas, parte3: Magia [ --> ] | random audio clip

RESCD0302 - (CD-R)
improvisational soundtrack

Composed for a "urban-dance" performance in occasion of the "Venezia Suona 2002" festival in Venice (Italy), with the choreography by Alessia Garbo, Onde is music for one electric guitar, effected and computer-manipulated, a sound trip wrapped into noise and psychedelia. "[...] an ecstatic and spatial ambient music, homed by an electric guitar in a wandering psychedelic exploration." Enrico Ramunni - Rockerilla n.285, May 2004 [ --> ]

RESCD0301 - (CD-R)
electronic improvisational

Chaos is an open project for improvisation. Open to such an extent to take the liberty, as in this event, to have, as guests, musicians met the very same evening. Quattordicidodicizerodue distils - in a unique uninterrupted set - sound alchemies created with electric guitars, computer, synths and electric/acoustic percussions. "The most surprising thing in this electronic CD is the fact that all the tracks are collective improvisations recorded live [...]. To all those who assert that electronic music is cold, predetermined and forced to strict schemes, this record by CHAOS represents a sonorous slap in the face." Renzo Stefanel - [ --> ] | random audio clip

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