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RESCD0505 - (CD-R)
electronic chamber
Primo Tempo

Composition is a manual act. Notes written by pen on the staff. The game (or challenge) is write music for musicians in the flesh - playing, toiling and becoming excited - and then feeding it to a computer. In this record we attend to man-machine and digital-analogic relations in a continuous chasing - and nearly seeking - each other. Opposites unable (maybe) to deprive themself from the other. A continuous process starting from the composition act up to the final mastering. In spite the usage of a machine this is a crafty work. No factory stamp. NO.TURNO uses burin and sandpaper and at every action on matter, stops, checks it and asks advice to it. Starting to polish again. It's the game (or joke) we can liste to in this record: man playing with the machine. Temptation to be part of it. And to play, too. [ --> ]

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