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RESCD0504 - (CD)
jazz ethnic
La Via Lattea - dal contrabbasso al cielo

A record for double-bass (adding here and there a cello and some recorded voices). Felice Del Gaudio ( mixes multiple tracks with his instrument and creates atmospheres keeping alwais a convinced attachment to his land (Basilicata, his native soil) and the popular roots, even if he uses a very free and creative language, peculiar to jazz, and also, as a learned composer, doesn't disdain atmospheres typical for chamber music. In short, a record following the path traced by artists like Renaud Gacia-Fons, Dave Holland, Eberhard Weber... Some tracks are also the soundtrack for "Anfitrione" (Molire) and "Basso Napoletano" with Marco Sgrosso (a "Le Belle Bandiere" production). [ --> ]


RESCD0601 - (CD)
ambient ethnic electronic
The first lake

A keyboard/percussions duo from Ivrea (Italy) featuring flowing sounds gliding from ambient to tribal rhythms. Three long tracks with sound masses moving in layers with a wise care of the instrumental dynamics. A strange mix in which can be found echoes from Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel, minimalism and refined post-rock. [ --> ]

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RESCD0402 - (2 CD + Multimedia)
improvisational experimental ethnic electronic
comme au temps du chaos

In this double live album, the CHAOS project appears as a trio (the original elements), floating through noise and electronica, ethnics and ambient, showing off ethnic instruments, manipulated trumpets, real time sequencering, visionary guitars, creating a continuum rich in tensions and relaxations, and all rigorously as improvisation! The CD contains also a multimedia track featuring a couple of video extracts from the live. [ --> ] | random audio clip

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