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RESCD0504 - (CD)
jazz ethnic
La Via Lattea - dal contrabbasso al cielo

A record for double-bass (adding here and there a cello and some recorded voices). Felice Del Gaudio ( mixes multiple tracks with his instrument and creates atmospheres keeping alwais a convinced attachment to his land (Basilicata, his native soil) and the popular roots, even if he uses a very free and creative language, peculiar to jazz, and also, as a learned composer, doesn't disdain atmospheres typical for chamber music. In short, a record following the path traced by artists like Renaud Gacia-Fons, Dave Holland, Eberhard Weber... Some tracks are also the soundtrack for "Anfitrione" (Molire) and "Basso Napoletano" with Marco Sgrosso (a "Le Belle Bandiere" production). [ --> ]


RESCD0502 - (CD)
jazz experimental

L'imbroglio new arrival in RES is a dense CD featuring vibes, brass, stick and much more, exploding in Cool experimental sounds like Soft Machine or Miles Davis' and Co. NY school. Lots of guest performers alternating along 13 tracks in a metaphorical ride, rich of shivering emotions, a succeeded concentration of seductions. [ --> ] | random audio clip

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RESCD0405 - (CD-R)
jazz improvisational
time, milk and magic

MU is a quartet (sax/piano/guitar/drums) born from the musician's own interplay. MU's approach is jazz-like, since their music arises always and only from collective improvisations, but in its flow echoes and grooves appear, spreading from funky to ambient, from psychedelic rock to blues, from jazz to minimalism. This CD documents a live performance hold at the "PAUSA", a small club in Treviso (Italy), played literaly among the public. [ --> ] | random audio clip

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