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RESCD0801 - (CD)
avantgarde contemporary experimental improvisational

Questo CD documenta la world premiere della composizione per ensemble e voci Em/Pyre eseguita il 28/09/2006 al Teatro Fondamenta Nuove di Venezia allanteprima della BIennale Musica con lo stesso Elliott Sharp (direzione e chitarra elettroacustica), la cantante dello storico gruppo progressive Opus Avantra Donella Del Monaco (soprano) e lex Lounge Lizard Steve Piccolo (voce). In appendice Sharp parla della composizione e della propria concezione musicale. In co-produzione con letichetta Opus Avantra Studium. [ --> ]

RESCD0402 - (2 CD + Multimedia)
improvisational experimental ethnic electronic
comme au temps du chaos

In this double live album, the CHAOS project appears as a trio (the original elements), floating through noise and electronica, ethnics and ambient, showing off ethnic instruments, manipulated trumpets, real time sequencering, visionary guitars, creating a continuum rich in tensions and relaxations, and all rigorously as improvisation! The CD contains also a multimedia track featuring a couple of video extracts from the live. [ --> ] | random audio clip

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RESCD0502 - (CD)
jazz experimental

L'imbroglio new arrival in RES is a dense CD featuring vibes, brass, stick and much more, exploding in Cool experimental sounds like Soft Machine or Miles Davis' and Co. NY school. Lots of guest performers alternating along 13 tracks in a metaphorical ride, rich of shivering emotions, a succeeded concentration of seductions. [ --> ] | random audio clip

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