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Stefano Panunzi "Timelines"

Stefano Panunzi

Creating a moody collage of progressive, jazz and ambient influences, "Timelines" contains strong echoes of the instrumental experiments of Jansen, Barbieri & Karn, Porcupine Tree/No-Man, Marco Polo and King Crimsons series of ProjeKCts.

Stefano Panunzis "Timelines" is a collaborative project involving the stellar talents of Mick Karn, Gavin Harrison, Markus Reuter, Nicola Alesini of Marco Polo, Giancarlo Erra of Nosound, and Peter Chilvers, amongst many others.

Intuitive Music

Our intent is to give "visibility" to boundary sounds, to possible musics, RES is a record label having research and respect for the artist as foundations.

Research: The curiosity of discovering various ways of artistic creativity in the musical world giving room and voice to all what can't be reduced into the "pop-rock" category, to all those works of art that place themself on the borders not aiming to isolation but in the research of new possible artistic languages.

Respect for the artist: Like some other idependent labels, also RES - Registrazioni e Suoni (Recordings & Sounds), places itself as a vehicle for the artist, without any will to seize exclusive rights, keeping the artist as the sole owner of its artwork.

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Random CD: [FELICE DEL GAUDIO] - La Via Lattea - dal contrabbasso al cielo
A record for double-bass (adding here and there a cello and some recorded voices). Felice Del Gaudio ( mixes multiple tracks with his instrument and creates atmospheres keeping alwais a convinced attachment to his land (Basilicata, his native soil) and the popular roots, even if he uses a very free and creative language, peculiar to jazz, and also, as a learned composer, doesn't disdain atmospheres typical for chamber music. In short, a record following the path traced by artists like Renaud Gacia-Fons, Dave Holland, Eberhard Weber... Some tracks are also the soundtrack for "Anfitrione" (Molire) and "Basso Napoletano" with Marco Sgrosso (a "Le Belle Bandiere" production).



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