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Chaos: Quattordicidodicizerodue
Music inside this record was born from an accident or better from a series of fortuitous and lucky coincidences which originated an unique performance, a kind of instant-movie that lives of its own independent life, perhaps apart from its own performers. From the first listening itís at once perceptible this CD is not the simple recording of a concert but the testimony of a particular creative moment, and about this also the musicians are fully conscious calling the record Quattordicidodicizerodue [fourteentwelvezerotwo] title that represents the recording date to underline its being something to unrepeatable, absolutely entrusted to the occasion of the moment. Yes, because here will be a strong electronic component usually not associated to spontaneity, but in it thereís nothing programmed or theoretically studied, ití sufficient to think that some of the musicians didnít know themselves before the performance. But letís try to be methodical...

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