Catalogo RES: [AAVV] LAB@RES - resampler volumedue

LAB@RES - resampler volumedue
Halo XVIgiampaolo diacci: keyboard & sequencering.
L'Imbrogliolucio bonaldo: noises.
g gasparin: guitar.
emiliano brescacin: electronics.
MUgiacomo li volsi: piano & organ.
andrea bolinelli: guitar.
gabriele bruzzolo: drums.
Sticking Dropshomepagenicola ciste lucchese & lorenzo tomio: electric guitar, electric bass, laptops, synth & digital effects.
Max Waveshomepagemax waves: synthtesisers & electronics
Book of Qimauro martello: renaissance tenor & bansuri flutes.
gianpaolo diacci: electric bass & effects.
gabriele bruzzolo: percussion.
Joachim Thomasjoachim thomas: violin (real-time processed with jeskola buzz digital composer 1.2)
Michele Palmierimichele palmieri: guitar & samples
Gabriele Bruzzologabriele bruzzolo: octapad roland spd-11.
From Outer Spacejohn la bulacchia & nicola ciste lucchese: synths, theremin, electric bass, drummachine & digital effects.
RESSP0501 (CD-R)

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